Welcome to Hughes School District Technology Department


The Hughes Technology Department is responsible for many aspects of the operation of the school district. One of the primary objectives is to work with schools and teachers as they seek the most innovative ways to integrate technology into the curriculum.


Our Mission

The Hughes School District promotes technology to complement and enhance successful teaching methods. Technology must become an embedded component of a challenging district and state academic curriculum. Administrators and teachers must work to create a technology environment in which students solve problems, accomplish tasks, and improve academic achievement.

The Hughes School District acknowledges that to work, learn, and function successfully in a technological society, teachers and students must be empowered with the skills to use technology effectively. The District further understands that technology includes more than computers. Technology includes interactive white boards, student response systems, video devices, digital cameras, personal digital assistants, handheld computers, cell phones, and other tools still in development. The district believes that ongoing and sustained staff development is imperative to equip teachers and administrators with the skills needed to challenge technology savvy students and to prepare them for success in a global economy.

Technology Staff

 Calvin Phipps, Technology Coordinator